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Servus and a warm welcome to my other "Von Pappe" blog.

Edit 1: I have been thinking about this for quite some time now and have come to the decision to change this blog into a more personal one - more of a kind of diary of someone who struggles with Hashimoto thyroid disease (and therefore sometimes also depression) and also often with trying to be an artist (which both takes quite a lot of courage I found - especially when you lack self confidence ;).

Sometimes I feel I need to write down thoughts, ideas, plans or goals - just to make them "count" or more "real" for myself in a way. So what you will find in this place are traces of my personal journey towards feeling healthier again (after also having been diagnosed with borreliosis more recently) and also more confident as a creative.

I have also decided to keep this blog - though being quite personal - set to "public" in the hope that others who struggle, too and read my blog, feel less alone on their "journeys".

So if you choose to read posts on here you may well read about feelings and thoughts that are usually not being shared out there in crafty blogland and on facebook and all the other social platforms, where we all want to feel surrounded by shiny, happy people only to feel good and not be reminded of our own sorrows and struggles (which I totally understand to be honest).

Edit 2: After more consideration I have also decided to disable the commenting function, so no one needs to feel pressed to leave a comment, as some of my posts may seem as if I was "fishing for words of encouragement" I found...which definitely is the least I want for my wonderful creative friends out there, who care, to feel like!
I know you care - and for that I feel blessed and thankful! *

Please, know that I am fine. I just - like everybody else - have (harder) times when I am wearing the "darker glasses" and when I question everything and everyone and especially myself...and I also have times - and these are by far the majority - when it is just the usual artist's struggle...or real life struggle...or simply having gotten up on the wrong side of my bed....nothing exceptional. Just life.

Take care! XXX

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* a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who have left uplifting comments on here in the past! I've loved them all and always will. xxx

Friday, 28 March 2014

Bird Journal No.1

My first try on making a book with coptic stitch binding. The book covers are made from heavy cardboard on which I used acrylic colours, some lace, designer paper, old book pages and a watercoloured quick sketch of a bird (done after a photograph).

I also covered the covers' insides with some lovely designer paper that matches the theme of my little watercolour.

On the outsides I used DecoArt Americana acrylic colours "Dusty Rose" and "Sea Glass" alongside some white DecoArt Acrylic Gesso, which I applied with a palette knife.

The edges of the covers were heavily scraped with the blade of a carpet knife to roughen them for a more shabby look.

I also roughened the edges of the designer paper before glueing it to the cover.

I like the look of the Coptic stitch binding although I 'm not sure if I did all the stitching as it should be done. But as my book doesn't fall apart the binding obviously seems to work. But I will definitely have to practise on this ;)

As I wanted my sketch to be finished quickly, I did the watercolouring with some Distress stains and a brush. Before that I had to seal the pencil drawing with some hairspray so not to smudge it when applying the watercolours.