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Claudia - aka "die amelie" x

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

When She Writes Poetry

Today a dear friend of mine sent me some poems her daughter wrote at the age of 8 and I was not only deeply touched by the love for nature that I found expressed in the most beautiful words but also by the way she used language....making it feel as if she had carefully woven from the very sound of the words and syllables the most soft and yet at the same time thick and strong carpet for the reader to walk upon or lie down on.

A bit later I browsed the net visiting some of my favourite blogs for some of which is Art Journal Journey.  I loved their theme "A Fantasy Scene"and wanted to create something  to join in (and thought about elves or fairies)...and then I came up with this scene, letting my gut and hands take the lead.

After it was finished I was wondering where the idea might have originated from. I hadn't thought about girls flying with balloons or about tiny houses on hills for a special reason... Until I realised that this was my friend's daughter as I imagine her when I read her poems.
Every single word in her poems is chosen with such a lot of thought and utter precision in meaning...trying to show the reader how she sees nature and the earth she walks upon.

Her poetry inspired me to create this mixed media project....showing this girl, flying in the sky (because to me good poetry is like a bird's song) and looking down at the beautiful earth below her - seeing it from her very special point of view...feeling the warmth of the sun and being deeply connected to everything that surrounds her. At least his is how I imagine her.

I collaged some of the elements using old book pages and a colour copy of one of my recent abstract paintings.

The sky and the green on the soft hills were done by applying acrylic colours with a palette knife, layering various tones of blue and white rather randomly.

I would like to enter it to Paint Party Friday's and Art Journal Journey's actual collection of lovely art journaling and mixed media.
Claudia x


  1. Ich bin nicht nur tief beeindruckt von Deinem schönen Werk..ich bin auch beeindruckt von Deinem Text hier..
    wär direkt interessant die Gedichter des kleinen Mädchens zu lesen!

    ein ganz besonders schöner Beitrag zu den Phantasiebildern!


  2. Brilliant love the design and colours, I love balloons a symbol of freedom and new horizons

    Jools x

  3. Stunning piece of art, Claudia & I really love the story behind it.
    Words are amazing. I would not be the person I am today had my mother not instilled in me the importance of reading books.

  4. What a wonderful work of art inspired by the little girl's poem! It is so beautiful.

  5. This is fabulous. I love the text hills, the wonky houses, the sun, the girl with the balloon - all of it. And I liked reading your description of its origin and how you made it.
    It's a great Fantasy Scene.

  6. Eine wunderschöne Seite. Der Untergrund ist fantastisch und Deine Collage gelungen. Ja, wer ist in seiner Phantasie nicht schon einmal der Sonne entgegen geflogen? Das ist doch ein wunderschöner Wunschtraum.

  7. Great piece of art, so much to look at, love it!!
    Amanda x

  8. I love this!
    & how when you realized how it fit with the poem!

  9. So schön! Deine Landschaft gefällt mir so gut mit ihren vielen kleinen Details und das Mädchen mit dem Luftballon ist einfach so wunderschön! Deine Geschichte vom Schaffensprozeß und die Realisierung, daß Dir immer noch die Gedichte im Kopf umherschwirren gibt mir ein ganz weiches Gefühl. Ich weiß gar nicht wie ich es sonst beschreiben soll.
    Im Moment bin ich ziemlich beschäftigt und das bleibt auch noch bis zur nächsten Woche so, dann melde ich mich wieder bei Dir. Vielen, vielen Dank für Deine lieben Kommentare!
    Alles Liebe, Manuela

  10. This is absolutely wonderful. I love how you have used the book pages as the mountains.The texture of the balloon is beautiful. What a whimsical piece and so full of poetry. Happy PPF