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Servus and a warm welcome to my other "Von Pappe" blog.

Edit 1: I have been thinking about this for quite some time now and have come to the decision to change this blog into a more personal one - more of a kind of diary of someone who struggles with Hashimoto thyroid disease (and therefore sometimes also depression) and also often with trying to be an artist (which both takes quite a lot of courage I found - especially when you lack self confidence ;).

Sometimes I feel I need to write down thoughts, ideas, plans or goals - just to make them "count" or more "real" for myself in a way. So what you will find in this place are traces of my personal journey towards feeling healthier again (after also having been diagnosed with borreliosis more recently) and also more confident as a creative.

I have also decided to keep this blog - though being quite personal - set to "public" in the hope that others who struggle, too and read my blog, feel less alone on their "journeys".

So if you choose to read posts on here you may well read about feelings and thoughts that are usually not being shared out there in crafty blogland and on facebook and all the other social platforms, where we all want to feel surrounded by shiny, happy people only to feel good and not be reminded of our own sorrows and struggles (which I totally understand to be honest).

Edit 2: After more consideration I have also decided to disable the commenting function, so no one needs to feel pressed to leave a comment, as some of my posts may seem as if I was "fishing for words of encouragement" I found...which definitely is the least I want for my wonderful creative friends out there, who care, to feel like!
I know you care - and for that I feel blessed and thankful! *

Please, know that I am fine. I just - like everybody else - have (harder) times when I am wearing the "darker glasses" and when I question everything and everyone and especially myself...and I also have times - and these are by far the majority - when it is just the usual artist's struggle...or real life struggle...or simply having gotten up on the wrong side of my bed....nothing exceptional. Just life.

Take care! XXX

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* a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who have left uplifting comments on here in the past! I've loved them all and always will. xxx

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Things we love to do...

...when we are out, enjoying a walk in the lovely Vienna Woods: creating "land art".

Especially when my son was a bit younger - five or six years old - he loved to lead the way, leaving arrows on the narrow paths when they branched so we could follow and find him. Sometimes he just used large branches to form a gigantic arrow, at other times he left little land art "treasures" like the one I want to share with you today:

What makes land art so special is that you create just for the joy of creating, knowing that wind, rain or other travellers on this path will soon destroy your creation. The colours of leaves, stones, moss or bark are a neverending source of inspiration and there are some land artists who really create the most wonderful projects. Using flowers pollen to "paint with", arranging moss or rocks so they form special patterns....which brings us back to "mark making". Remember when I talked about mark making in this post?

What makes land art so special is the fact that we use what's to be found in nature but create something artificial with it... a pattern or shape or installation that indicates that we were there. Humans....who are able to give objects new meaning and/or order (well, some animals do too ;). Leaving traces for others to detect... not only children love to do this. ;)

A gorgeous post over at Manu's blog today reminded me to try create some land art as soon as the weather and time will allow me to do so. And it also reminded me of this land art project my son did some years ago. I hope you like it and maybe will create some land art too some time. We invest such a lot of time imitating textures and/or colours that are inspired by could our projects look like that were done with what nature provides us with - done in nature? I would love to learn!

Thanks for stopping by! Claudia x