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Claudia - aka "die amelie" x

Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Flowery Meadow Before Christmas

Well, here it flowery meadow right in the midst of a foggy, grey in grey winter! Of course I HAD TO finish it - BUT I did some cleaning up At least just as much to keep a bad conscience at bay. ;)

Thank you for all the understanding comments on my last post concerning this matter! It really helps to know that you're not the only one who struggles with colliding painterly and X-mas decorating/cleaning interests. :)

 (this is just a fraction of the whole canvas...scroll down for more ;)

There was a  moment - right after I had added the blue that is meant to resemble the air and the sky on a hot summer day - when I thought I had messed it all up. Uh oh - the blue I had mixed with some white Gesso and some drops of a deep blue media fluid acrylic wasn't turquoise enough to contrast the flowers' colours and redoing all the blue space would have meant to spend more time on painting (which would have meant even less time for X-mas - and also the risk of loosing precious texture from the crackle underneath! But I finally found a way to fix it rather quickly by scraping a vibrant red colour and some white Gesso with a palette knife onto some spots (which made the green pigment content from the blue I had used pop a bit more). Phew!

At one o'clock in the morning (and several "finishing touches" later) I sat in front of my bright and bloomin' flowery meadow and was (finally) content and happy (and ready for some relaxed sleep)!

(if you click on the images you get a larger view so you can see all the detail)

It's a 10''x 23'' (25 x 58 cm) canvas which I prepped with some Texture Crackle and heavy wet on wet colour spray misting to create random colour spots. Then the dry and highly textural surface was painted and doodled on with Gesso, acrylics and various markers.

I am still looking for a title for my canvas. It shows Bertram the grasshopper, who is preparing to leave this part of the meadow.

Maybe he's on the lookout for new adventures. Or he just wants to get away from Pubert, the ever ranting mosquito (who obviously suffers a heavy depression and scarcely makes it to the next blood filling station).

Besides this social mini-drama there's typical "meadow activity" of course.

Tiny moss is growing in the shade of some delicate crocus and other beauties' leaves.

And there's no real flowery meadow of course without the Canadian Burnet (= der "Gemeine Wiesenknopf" in German, which - if translated literally - means "Common Meadow Button")!

Bertram really has to make a very high jump to get past this large specimen:

Have you ever taken a really close look at a flower's construction? We tend to think of flowers as being quite "simple" - but in fact they aren't!

And there are so many different kinds of them! And they all work differently, have different needs and "guests" (like Maria, the lady bug - she prefers to spend her nights in the shelter of a wild Orchid's blossom for example). Here she is - getting ready for the night after a visit with her best friend Mathilda (an excentric dung beetle lady):

But even the simple stems of grasses or seedlings make a beautiful sight, don't they?

So I hope you have enjoyed your trip and meeting Bertram & Co. ! And I hope you do find some of the magic that I see and find in a common flowery meadow in my painting too. ;)

(C'mon, Pubert, ye grumpy ole chap! Feelers up! How about a little smile? Just give it a try. )

Claudia xxx


  1. How stunning! You truly are a visual storyteller! Love every square centimetre! xx

  2. This is beyond amazing! I can't believe how many wonderful details, colours and textures you have included on your canvas! I keep scrolling up to look again and every time I do, I find something new! What an amazing work of art! holiday hugs :)

  3. I admire your work! I love seeing all together on this blog!Thanks for so much inspiration !!!

  4. Eine ganz bezaubernde Spielwiese ist das Claudia...Unbeschwertheit drückt sie aus ... und Freiheit!

  5. Wow, das Erste war also nur ein sneak peek und jetzt kann man das Meisterwerk in voller Schönheit betrachten, grandious!!, atemberaubend, faszinierend und noch viel mehr, was mir jetzt gerade nicht einfällt - Bertram is my absolutly favourite, die Geschichte dazu muss ich erst in Ruhe übersetzen ;-) Der Spaß und die Freude, die du dabei hattest, ist jedem Quadratzentimeter anzusehen. LG Kerstin xx

  6. This should somehow be a children's book....I love this!! :) Incredible colors, details and textures!

  7. wow - da habe ich erst einmal Schnappatmung und dann steht der Mund vor Staunen wiet auf - das ist einfach traumhaft!!! Es gibt so unblaublich viel zu etdecken und es ist eine Wohltat mit diesen tollen Farben - ich kann mich gar nicht daran satt sehen!!!! Ganz liebe Grüße, Dagmar

  8. Your flowery meadow has turned out amazing Claudia, so glad you took the time to finish it! Stunning details and textures in every corner, a real labour of love and it is obvious how much you enjoyed working on this! A beautiful piece to keep that grey winter at bay!

    Have a wonderful, peaceful and warm Christmas!!

  9. Oh, Claudia! Ihre Arbeit ist sehr schön! Atemberaubende ist die Menge an Details, schöne Farben und Formen. Interessant sind auch Insekten unter den Blumen versteckt. Besonders gut gefällt mir die Grashüpfer!
    Grüße :)

  10. Claudia! I am so glad you continued to take the time with this wonderful canvas! What a gorgeous meadow and I LOVE the story of the characters! Adorable! You are right about even the grasses are beautiful- nature provides us with the greatest gift canvas and it is ours for inspiration- and I love how she inspired you!! I really just want to run my hands over this and feel those textures! Yum! xo

  11. Wow,Claudia this is such a dreamy I'd be more then happy to spend a lot of time in :). Your textures are truly amazing as always,I LOVE it,created from the heart of a true artist

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  12. Gorgeous Claudia, didn't know you had this blog as well, I am gong to follow it (via Feedly, so you won't see it) -- any more surprises? Thanks also for commenting regularly on my blog, you became a dear friend..

  13. Oh My Dear DEAR Friend Claudia!!!

    What a wonderfully delightful meadow of wonderment... I love it all... Glenn and I have been sitting here with a cup of hot chocolate, viewing and enjoying this meadow of creative flowers... we both feel that it is very uniquely enriched with the critters that are living in it... I love the grasshopper... but Pubert is a favorite... (My studio is Purple Dragonfly studio) so he gives me a giggle plus... love it... right down to the little lady bug and the bright wild pink flowers... and the creative shapes of each and every one of them... but then I look at all the wild and wonderful TEXTURE going on all over this canvas... and yikes... totally blissfulness my friend... total bliss..Loving it all... but after spending almost an hour on this... I have to go get some other things done... but I really love this... and have captured it onto my computer to enjoy later also... LOVING it all. Love the Freedom it represents .... great work of ART.... Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie

  14. Wonderful! Fabulous! I love the story, and I also think you should write and illustrate a children's book! I think it would stir their imagination in a very creative way.

  15. Traumhaft Claudia....deine Ideen möchte ich haben!
    Ich wünsche Dir einen wunderschönen 4.Advents-Sonntag, besinnliche Weihnachtstage im Kreise deiner Lieben, und einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!

    LG Gaby

  16. Es verdaderamente precioso.
    ¡Me encantan los distintos colores! :)