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Claudia - aka "die amelie" x

Saturday, 10 May 2014

First Steps at Encaustic

I have always admired encaustic projects but it took me quite some time to dare try it myself.

What I love about encaustic is that this technique is very forgiving. You can always add layers, remelt, scrap off what you don't like or even embrace happy accidents ;)

I had a first play with this technique - trying to add texture, embed objects, add colour and also remove some of it.

Adding colour with oil pastels worked quite well - but not with all brands I had at home. It took some time until I found the one that was soft enough but also gave enough pigment.

I used scraps from an old French botanical textbook alongside some scraps from an old magazine from around 1940 to build up the background.

I encorporated rusted and patina-ed objects as well as an old yellowish tinted watch glass.

The frozen charlotte head is a cast made from an original and done with white UTEE. I combined it with an old watch key.

I call that yellow watch glass element my "encaustic fried egg" ;)

I love the highly textural feel that you can create with encaustic! And as I love assemblage too and using found objects, I really enjoyed embedding some of my "treasures" to the prepared surface.

The vintage buttons were a fleamarket find from my last visit to the Vienna Naschmarkt fleamarket. I love that they have a history - even (or especially) if it is a history of an ordinary life spent in a sewing chest...maybe being re-used several times.

Paint board, 4'' x 6''.
Bees wax, Palembang Dammar resin, oil pastels, black wire, found objects, scraps from old books.


  1. Wow, fantastic project, Claudia! You made wonderful texture and I love all vintage bits and pieces! This technique is in my try to wish list, but I am afraid that is to messy to do it in my craft room. Hugs

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I am loving the colors!!!

  3. wow, das ist fantastisch geworden, sieht sehr kompliziert und aufwendig aus, aber das Ergebnis ist toll !!
    Großartige Strukturen in passender Farbgestaltung perfekt kombiniert mit den Dingen,die Geschichte haben ;-)
    LG Kerstin

  4. It was fascinating to read of all the ingredients you used here, and what an unusual and interesting result. This is a piece with a lot of history.

  5. Ja das sieht super aus und du hast diese Technik genial angewandt. Spitzenergebnis! Das steht bei mir auch auf der To-do-Liste und ich hab mir vor einige Zeit auch schon mal ein Buch dazu gekauft. Du hast mich hiermit erinnert,danke. Gefällt mir sehr wie du das angegangen bist.
    Ganz liebe Grüße ins schöne und hoffentlich noch sonnige Wien.